Why We Need the Arts More Than Ever

As clean air and water are to the human body, art is to the human spirit. Art feeds our souls, expresses our creativity, stimulates our imaginations, and inspires us to reach for excellence. There are so many ways the arts help us accept and bridge our differences—giving people a voice, making room for everyone, spurring creativity, and energizing our souls through tough times.
Dr. John Edward Hasse

Starry Night Van Gogh 1889.

In a stimulating, thought-provoking and entertaining presentation, Dr. John Edward Hasse of the Smithsonian Institution lays out a compelling case for why—more than ever—we need the arts in our lives.

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    How are the arts vital to the lives of adults?

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    Why are the arts especially critical in teaching our children a better, more emphatic understanding of the world?

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    How does science support that listening to and making music “light up” the brain?

Music students.

Along with captivating video clips featuring such stellar creative artists as The Beatles and the cast of Hamilton–plus his piano solo that never fails to move audiences of all ages—Hasse’s invigorating presentation engages and inspires, offering a powerful and convincing argument for “Why we need the arts more than ever.”

John E Hasse at piano - March 2018.

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