John Edward Hasse

Collaborate Creatively to Make Beautiful Music Together

None of us is as smart as all of us.” Kenneth Blanchard

What better saying underscores the key role collaboration can play in achieving success?

Music is a field where creative collaboration has produced one brilliant result after another. When diverse people and teams come together to create music, the process can spark innovative ideas and teach the skills necessary to succeed—creativity, teamwork, accountability, and problem-solving. Often the results are electrifying: think of John Lennon and Paul McCartney. Or the musical Hamilton.

Lennon and McCartney at piano

Six key lessons drawn from music

In this captivating 50-minute presentation, Dr. John Edward Hasse, Curator Emeritus of Music at the Smithsonian Institution, reveals the secrets of successful collaboration in six key lessons drawn from music.

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    Listen closely

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    Tune up

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    Relish Co-opetition

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    Riff and Jam

Using examples ranging from George Gershwin to Duke Ellington, from the Beatles to Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga, Dr. Hasse looks at how these artists worked as teams to negotiate their creative differences and to produce inspired, artistic brilliance.

With live examples by Hasse, an accomplished pianist, and with lively video clips, this fresh, inspiring approach is a must-see experience for all ages. Your audience will come away with a better understanding and insights on how we all can make beautiful music–together

John E Hasse at piano - March 2018.

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