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Children’s Book


“Ellington’s best biographer.”  --The Washington Post

“Hasse has written a delightful and finely detailed biography of the American legend at work.”   --Publishers Weekly

“Brilliantly written.”  --Kirkus Reviews

“This book is a study worthy of the man: elegant, graceful, substantial.” --New York Daily News                                                 

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With Forewords by Quincy Jones and Tony Bennett.

“Highly recommended.”  --National Public Radio

“A major contribution to understanding jazz.”  --Library Journal

“Sets a standard that will challenge future jazz historians.”  --The Mississippi Rag

“Beautifully planned and well-executed.” --H. Wiley Hitchcock, co-editor, The New Grove Dictionary of American Music

“The most complete overview of the subject available.”  --Samuel A. Floyd, Jr., Director, Center for Black Music Research

Recipient of as ASCAP-Deems Taylor Award for excellence in writing about music.

The autobiographies of Hoagy Carmichael, with a new introduction by John Edward Hasse.


A book expressing a parent’s or grandparent’s unconditional love for a small child, aged 3-8.

With delightful animal parents and children by the Swiss illustrator Lilian Obligado.  

“The concept of unconditional love is simply, but endearingly communicated in this book. A must have !!!”  -- from an reviewer

Nominated for two Grammy Awards: Best Historical Album and Best Album Notes. 

Fifty-seven classic recordings of Carmichael’s best songs, from Stardust to Georgia On My Mind, performed by some of the 20th century’s greatest popular and jazz artists, from Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald, to Frank Sinatra and Ray Charles.  Produced by Hasse, with a beautifully-illustrated 64-page book written by Hasse.

Compiled, produced, and annotated by Hasse, this two-CD set provides a concise overview of Ellington’s best recordings made for Victor, Bluebird, and RCA records from 1926-67. 

“A handy introduction.”

This two-disc set surveys ragtime piano, piano rolls, bands, and orchestras performing rags by Indiana composers Abe Olman, May Aufderheide, Hoagy Carmichael, et al.  With a booklet that won an ASCAP-Deems Taylor Award for excellence in writing about music.

Hasse is founder and former Executive Director of this esteemed big band, and he annotated the recording and served as assistant producer. 

Hardcover edition.       Paperback edition.

A richly-illustrated exploration of the dynamic relationship between the development of the world-famous Apollo Theater and American popular entertainment, published in honor of the Apollo Theater's 75th anniversary.  Hasse contributed three chapters.

Jazz: The Smithsonian Anthology, a 200-page book with six CDs, containing 111 tracks and nearly 8 hours of music.  Published by Smithsonian Folkways Recordings.

“A landmark achievement.”  --The Washington Post      “The best single introduction to America’s great musical form.” --Time.   

Hasse is co-author of the book and co-producer of the CDs.

An inclusive, contextual, and student-friendly way to discover the whole world of jazz.


“The most thorough and well-presented text on jazz history I’ve seen in a long time.  This one has it all—the music, the analysis, the musicians, the socio-economic factors, and the foundation material needed to fully grasp the material. This book is appropriate for learners who are new to jazz and those who are already jazz fans.”   —John Davis, University of Colorado

With 37 detailed listening guides, 235 photos, 12 chapter summaries, and much more.  The book’s website offers videos, vocabulary flash cards, mini-documentaries, and other materials. 

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